Failure Analysis

Simon Forensic tests metals, plastics and polymers for failure investigation.

These materials may be parts of equipment, a device, or defective pieces in a manufacturing process. Our testing can identify foreign material and determine the source of failure.

The analysis process starts when a sample is delivered to the lab. We register the sample and begin detailed documentation which includes digital photos and fine measurements. Following documentation, a methodical investigation occurs until the culprit is identified. This data is then incorporated into a report and emailed to you via PDF.

Foreign Object Identification
Simon Forensic has the ability to identify and characterize foreign/unknown material. Foreign material may have collected on screens or filters, it could be process deposits, engine oil debris, machining artifacts (imbedded material) or soot/particulate matter. 
Coating Analysis / Failures

The coating investigation can involve identifying each layer of the sample, or can identify the composition of the coating. The thickness of the coating or the depth of wear can also be determined.

Another approach to investigation may identify the root cause of failure. Yet another method can test the performance of applied coatings.
Non-Metallic Coatings
  • paints
  • primers
  • epoxies
  • organic coatings

Metallic Coatings
  • galvanized
  • zinc plated
  • nickel
  • chrome
  • thermal spray
  • weld overlays
  • hard facing
  • nitride
  • gold

Cross Section showing separation at fusion line.

Foreign Object Identification