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Many of the tests performed at Simon Forensic are unique. Please call Omar at (206) 713-3539 or email at for a quote on your project.

General Lab Analysis
Can involve a variety of tasks:  photographing evidence, documentation,  sample prep,  sectioning,  literature research,  consultation,  stereo microscopy. $150 per hour.

Scope Time with Operator: $200 per hour; half hour minimum
Sample Prep and Report: $150 per hour
Metal Analysis
ICP: Per Alloy: $100
Spark Spectrometer: $85 per sample.
Carbon & Sulfur Analysis: $40 per sample.
Metallograph: $150 per hour, usually included in General Lab Analysis.

Hardness Testing
Shore A & D: $25 per sample.
Rockwell B & C: $25 per sample.
Superficial Rockwell N & T: $25 per sample.
Knoop: $25 per sample.
Knoop Survey: $50 per survey

FTIR: $250 per sample.

This is an option for any test. It is a detailed explanation of results, emailed in PDF format. $150 per hour.

Aggregate Testing 
Due to the variables in aggregate testing needs, please contact Omar to get a quote and to discuss sample requirements.
Legal Case Work:
Lawsuits, litigation, arbitration: $225/hour.

Expedite Fee Schedule:
24 hour turnaround:  100%
48 hour turnaround:  50%
72 hour turnaround:  30%