Scanning Electron Microscope with

Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (SEM-EDS)

Cross Section of Corrosion Scale.

Cross section of cast iron corrosion.

This SEM-EDS has a large chamber and excellent optics.

The SEM-EDS provides high resolution images, up to 300,000x. It has the ability to perform chemical fingerprinting to provide compositional data about the sample. This can be useful to determine the types of materials, corrosion products, and the presence of inclusions. The SEM is also the tool that measures coatings, capable of accuracy to the nanometer.

Omar is quick on the SEM! Bring your sample to witness your results. Hundreds of hours spent working this machine are invested in honing his ability to find the results in your material quickly. Because not all issues are visually evident, it requires skill to search and locate hidden information in material.

SEM Model: Jeol 6460LV

    • High magnification imaging: 5x - 300,000x.
    • Extra-Large (10-12") specimen chamber
    • Five axis motorized stage.
    • Low vacuum capability, imaging of organic and biological material without coating.

EDS Model: iXRF Iridium Ultra with 128eV Silicon Drift Detector

    • Digital imaging
    • 10 mm2 active area
    • 1 million cps
    • Capable of detecting elements down to and including Be.
    • For Chemical fingerprinting
    • Elemental mapping
    • Linescans

1000x image of corrosion scale.