The Chemist

Simon Forensic is owned and operated by Omar Simon, Forensic Chemist, and Molly Simon, Administrator. We are dedicated to quick, friendly, accurate service. Rainer Eckert has joined our team, bringing expert metallurgical analysis. Our team also includes Vaughn Hack, helping us get your project finished expeditiously.

Omar Simon has 22 years of experience in corrosion evaluation, scanning electron microscopy, metal alloy identification, failure analysis and aggregate testing.

Omar earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Western Washington University in 1998. An early life growing up on Washington State farm gained him a tinkerers enthusiasm for finding, solving and fixing problems. Over a lengthy employment at a Seattle materials laboratory, Omar grew his natural talent for analyzing details into a successful career as a forensic chemist. He has crafted his innate understanding of mechanics, his chemistry education, and years of experience into a well-rounded approach to problem solving. In 2013 it became time to start a lab of his own, and now you can find Omar testing away at Simon Forensic.

Omar has conducted hundreds of failure analyses and has often served as an expert witness. He is attentive to his clients, giving each project personalized attention and can provide a clear explanation for his conclusions. Reports are thorough and concise.