Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer

FTIR Model: Thermo-Nicolet Avatar 370 FTIR with Golden Gate Diamond Crystal ATR andGermanium Crystal ATR accessories.

FTIR is used to identify organic (carbon based) compounds for identifying polymers, oils, resins, epoxies and coatings such as paints, primers, sealers, etc.

This instrument uses a laser light to shine through or across the surface of the sample. The organic bonds in the sample will absorb light at specific wavelengths. The light passing through (not absorbed) creates a spectral fingerprint. This spectral fingerprint is then searched against an extensive spectral library to identify the most likely compound.

The Golden Gate Diamond Crystal is a universal crystal used for a wide range of material, including hard materials. The Germanium Crystal gives high signal throughput for samples with high carbon black fill.

The FTIR is used to identify unknowns and is also used to confirm material content. For a complete material characterization of a sample it is often necessary to include other testing in conjunction with FTIR, such as Shore Hardness, Glass Fiber Content, or SEM to search for inorganic additives.


You need to know more about a vapor barrier failure. The FTIR would be used to identify the presence and type of resin used for a vapor barrier in a paint or primer. For this test the resin is extracted with a solvent and the resulting film is analyzed in the FTIR. The answer will confirm that there is a resin vapor barrier and what that resin is.